Wikipedia writing server refers to

1、 Exactly what is a server?

① A computer application that manages sources and gives providers for buyers. It's commonly divided into file server (which permits customers to accessibility data files on other personal computers), databases server and software server.

② The computer on which the above software is managing, or perhaps a network host.

The server generally takes the community since the medium. It may possibly not merely give interior companies by local spot community, but also deliver exterior products and services by means of large region network. The biggest characteristic of your server is its strong computing means.

emm…… Precisely what is "it"? As a non personal computer main, I examine Wikipedia's explanation.

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Eventually, even though fighting wits with R & D, I got a glimpse of him. This magical thing is probably a black box with strong capabilities. Any community service we do needs to be connected by way of the server.

Examples of a can be found at Hemtom.

For example, if I build a website or app (PC or mobile phone), I need a visual interface (front end), a visual management interface (background), and non visual data processing (server).

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Generally speaking, we need two people to do app, one front-end and one back-end.

Front end: people who draw UI pages and UI interaction logic need to write some interior logic that can be achieved by app without networking, and may also need to write some interfaces for reading and creating background data logic; background: creating data processing logic, processing data by the server, providing interface for the front end or cooperating with the front end to read and write data and other logic, are generally invisible However, for the convenience of buyers, a visual background interface is generally made to manage user data.

Speaking of this, I seem to understand what the server "person" does. Do you understand?

2、 The part from the server

Wikipedia: the composition from the server includes processor, hard disk, memory, system bus, etc., which is similar to the general computer system architecture. However, due to the need to supply highly reliable expert services, it requires higher processing capacity, stability, reliability, security, scalability, manageability, etc. In the community environment, according to the different types of companies provided by the server, it might be divided into file server, databases server, application server, web server, etc.

As a result of this, we can know that the server actually includes the functions of storing data and processing data, and it is the center of all community behaviors. As a result of the research and development of magic hands, we can draw a disordered data into a data community, and then output it to achieve the desired effect of the product.

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