What do u mean by badge?

What do u mean by Badge?

Definition of badge(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a device or token especially of membership in a society or group. 2 : a characteristic mark. 3 : an emblem awarded for a particular accomplishment.

What is badge and example?

The definition of a badge is a distinct mark, identifying signal or mark of allegiance. An example of a badge is the gold star a sheriff wears on his uniform. noun. 3. An emblem given as an award or honor.

What badging means?

the process of giving someone such as an employee a badge that shows who they are or which organization or group they belong to: The audit uncovered violations of regulations, including the badging of new employees prior to completing background checks.

Why do we use badge?

Badges represent the successful completion of a program or course with a verifiable description of the specific knowledge, skills, and criteria required to earn the badge.

What does badge mean in text?

WhatsApp is rolling out a new mention badge feature for Android and iOS users. This new feature will bring the possibility to view a badge when someone mentions you in a message in a group chat. Earlier the badge can be seen only when you are inside the chat.

What is a badge in WhatsApp?

Staff ID Cards and Employee ID Badges. Support professionalism and promote value and belonging within your organisation.

What is employee badge?

Badges show people who you are or what you've accomplished in a group. If you have a badge and allow it to be displayed, it will appear on your group posts, comments and profile for the group. To manage which badges appear next to your name: 1. Tap then tap Groups and select your group.

What is a badge in Facebook?

emblem, crest, insignia, device, shield, escutcheon. trademark, logo.

What is the synonym of badge?

An image that displayed on a blog or personal profile on social media Web sites that identifies you. Most encourage readers and followers to download display their badge on your own site or blog and link back.

What type of noun is badge?

The most common use of school badges within a school or greater educational environment is as a means of identification, or to signify the position of a particular individual, whether that is a student or a teacher.